Visa Debit Card /Master Debit Card Fraud

Date: Friday September 16, 2016

MasterCard & Visa have advised that there has been an increase in card fraud worldwide and regrettably some attempts to defraud customer's bank accounts have occurred in Tonga.

Customer authorisation details can be captured through:

  • Skimming devices, either attached to the ATM or operated remotely, or
  • Dummy websites when making online purchases.

BSP has comprehensive fraud detection systems in place; however we need your assistance to protect your bank accounts.


We wish to advise all bank customers of these precautions when using an ATM:

  • Customers should be aware of the surroundings near an ATM being used.  Before inserting a card into an ATM, they should ensure that there is nothing unusual stuck or mounted on it, especially around the card reader slot. They should not attempt to remove any suspected device.
  • Customers should always stand close to the ATM and use their free hand to cover the keypad when entering the PIN. They should never disclose their PINs to anyone or even write them down.

If they notice a suspicious activity or see anyone behaving suspiciously around the ATM, customers should immediately alert their Bank, or Police. Even though if it may appear to be trivial, their action could prevent others from becoming victims of ATM frauds.

Also, if you are travelling overseas, please contact your BSP Bank on 20870 or 20854.