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Agent Banking

Agent banking services are a cost effective and convenient way to do your banking.

What you need

  • Local PacifiCard/ Visa Debit Card
  • Card PIN number


Agent banking provides greater availability and access to basic banking services via an EFTPOS terminal such as;

  1. Deposit
    • Deposit Cash into your own account using your local cards only (PacifiCard/Visa Debit Card).
    • You can't deposit any cheque via our Agents.
  2. Withdrawal
    • Withdraw cash from your own account using your local cards only (PacifiCard/Visa Debit Card).
  3. Transfer Funds
    • You can transfer funds between your own accounts with your Local cards only.
    • Note that both accounts link to only one PacifiCard.
  4. Pay Others
    • Transfer from your own account to a third party account (BSP or other Banks account) you need to provide the recipients account details.
  5. Balance Enquiry
    • Real time available balance.
  6. Mini-statement
    • Only the last 10 transactions will print out on the receipt and the available balance of your account.
  7. Bill Payments
    • Registered first on our main branch then enable to use this function from any of our Agents.
    • For Bill Payment, you need to provide the Biller's account number or customer number.
    • Below are the lists of all the Businesses that we can pay bills to.

NOTE: Each agent has their own limit of funds for each function.



APEX Insurance Brokers Limited



Dateline Transam Limited



Digicel (Tonga) Ltd 



Dominion Insurance (Tonga) Ltd



LDS Church Tonga Trust Board



Leiola Duty Free Shops Ltd



National Pacific Insurance



Office Equipment Ltd



Pacific Retail Ltd



Pacific Stores Ltd



Tonga Broadcasting Commission 



Tonga Communications Corporation



Tonga Power Limited



Tonga Water Board



Toyota Tsusho (Tonga) Ltd



USP Tonga Campus



Vava'u Press Ltd (Matangi Tonga Online)



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