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VISA Debit Card

The BSP Visa Debit card can be used to withdraw cash or pay for goods and services locally and globally where Visa is accepted.

This is an ideal solution for you, if you travel overseas or would like to make purchases online.

The BSP Visa Debit Card gives you the freedom to use your own money in your BSP Pacific and Student Account. It offers convenience and security

BSP offers four levels of Visa Debit Cards,

  1. Gold Visa Debit Card
  2. Silver Visa Debit Card
  3. Classic Visa Debit Card

The Classic Visa Debit card is for the retail customer, who would like to have access to this additional feature.

The Silver and Gold Visa Debit cards are available to BSP Priority Customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to Visa Debit Card FAQs for more information

Visa Debit Card Brochure

For more information, please view our Visa Debit Card Brochure.

Application Form & Lost Card Report

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